Living a mindful life, calming my magpie thoughts



Choosing my actions, learning to live in the present moment



Making pretty and practical things for crafters

Find me on Instagram as @mindful.magpie

About me

  • I have a magpie mind, I am always attracted by the shiny and new. New ideas, new skills, new designs; most of my products will be One Of A Kind, as I work through the learning curve of a new design.

  • I use my mindfulness practice to help me be calmer, more focused and creative.  To try out new things but also spend time in the present moment, simply enjoying the craft

  • I love patchwork for the endless possibilities it offers - combinations of colours and patterns. It makes my heart sing to build something from small blocks, whether that is sewing, crochet or knitting

  • I try to support small, independent and local shops for my crafting purchases