Super Sampler

This blockbuster blanket was made from three variegated wools and six toning plain colours. It showcases a whole range of different stitch types, including garter, stocking, moss, rib, seed, mitred squares and some lattice cabling. With 180 squares and an i-cord edging, the finished blanket measured approximately 145 x 180cm

Diamond Drops

I used the feltable Drops Big Delight wool in three shades (Jeans Blue/Teal, Atlantis, Marina) to create a mitred square blanket set on the bias, so the edges made a zig-zag shape. The wool is an aran weight, and the blanket has a lovely comforting weight to it. I am looking forward to hearing how this blanket ages!

Warm Blue Starburst

This design was commissioned with the brief of being warm and blue and zingy! It uses the mitred square as the basic design, but pieces them differently, so that the mitred features radiate out from the centre of the blanket. I used mini-mitred squares  to add to the starburst effect.

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