Mindful career coaching for emergent leaders

Are you managing a team but getting frustrated at work? You may be finding that no matter how much time you give to the job, there's always more for you and your team to do. Perhaps it's becoming more difficult to balance the needs of your boss and company with the productivity and wellbeing of your team members? How can you motivate your team & help them to be happy and successful?

You could be wondering when there will be time for you to enjoy your life and work again?



Stepping up the career ladder brings new challenges and you may need to develop different skills in order to succeed. I can help you understand how to calm your mind, focus your attention and create your path forward. My coaching helps individuals to gain perspective and feel proud of what they have achieved; be certain about their personal skill sets; and feel competent and capable to meet the challenges of the future.


Coaching helps you identify and prioritise your specific work issues and develop solutions that will work for you, We use a mindfulness based approach to ground the changes you are seeking to make, and for you to feel authentic in these changes.  These may include becoming more mindful, unleashing your creativity, developing a stronger strategic focus, dealing with work-based anxiety, getting a better work/life balance or becoming a more inspiring leader. 


Check out the Courses tab for further details on tailoring a course specifically for you, or for one or more of your team members .


I also run #calmthroughcrafting group workshops in the workplace or community to introduce people to mindfulness and creativity. Click here to find out more about me