About Me


Stress is something many of us experience, at work and at home. Sometimes we can face the challenge and feel invigorated by it, but sometimes we can become overwhelmed by daily events and lose sight of the things we enjoy doing.


I have been there, experiencing anxiousness and depression, wondering how I could cope and where my career was going. I have seen the benefits of mindfulness in my own life, helping me to make appropriate changes at home and work to help me balance my activities and recognise when my internal autopilot is not helping.

As an experienced business coach, I have worked with emergent leaders across a range of manufacturing industry sectors, and found that an awareness of mindfulness helps clients tackle stress symptoms, enabling them to feel calmer and more in control.


I have worked in manufacturing companies for over 20 years, from cling film to chocolate boxes, hip joints to automotive parts! I worked my way up through the ranks in different companies, sometimes quickly, sometimes at a slower pace. I've been where you are, facing the challenges of a new boss, team or company, being the boss above long time colleagues

I was lucky enough to work for some progressive companies that took career development seriously, and supported me with an independent career coach at times when I needed that little bit extra. For me, this help was invaluable, as it helped me  understand myself in greater depth, and allowed me to build on existing strengths when developing my career own path. I'm a creative problem solver, and I enjoy helping people to realise and develop their strengths, much as my career coach did for me.

I have been coaching emergent leaders in manufacturing environments for over 2 years, across a variety of industries, helping people find the right solutions for their own career 


Crafting & Creativity

I learnt how to knit as a child, but I had not carried this through into my adult life. One day in 2016, while developing my coaching skills, I was challenged to teach someone a "forgotten skill", so I dug out a ball of wool and some needles.

As I continue to develop my mindfulness practices, I have become passionate about knitting as an aid to be present in the moment. Breathing practice and meditation are the cornerstones of becoming present, and allow us to step away from our autopilot or negative thoughts.

  • Just as breathing is done in the present, so is making a knitted stitch.

  • Just as our life is a series of breaths, knitting is a series of stitches.

  • With knitting, we have a design in mind that also offers the achievement of creating something unique, from a simple square to a complex garment.

  • We focus our thoughts on creating something; for ourselves, another human being, or even a pet!

  • We can work with others and co-create larger projects, such as blankets.

  • Knitting is tactile, colourful, creative and satisfying.

  • Whatever we make, we have brought something new to the world.

I have since designed and made hats, blankets, scarves and shawls. I have also discovered the wonderful and vibrant world of independent wool producers, dyers, local yarn shops, designers and knitters out there in the UK! Being creative is very important for my well being, and now I have a network of like minded people, many of whom are small business owners themselves. Please feel free to browse  my Instagram account below and find these wonderful crafting people for yourself!

I also run #calmthroughcrafting  half-day workshops for small groups, typically in a work environment, which cover the principles of mindfulness and crafting, and introduce clients to quick mindfulness techniques and simple knitting projects