Tailored courses

Courses can be tailored for individuals or teams

  • They will contain all three elements of #calmfocuscreate, and emphasize the specific topics you want to work on, determined through a consultation session. See below for typical activities in each area.

  • Tailored coaching courses can be delivered face to face, or online depending on the course content


Calming the mind to be open and curious to what is going on in your world, right now, is the foundation of the workshops

  • Simple breathing meditation

  • Learning to observe moment by moment,

  • Becoming aware of the topics or issues you want to work upon

  • Developing your personal mindfulness practices


When your mind is calm and you understand your needs, we focus on what it is we want to achieve - from a personal change to a project you want to complete

  • What do you want to be - what are your personal goals?

  • What do you want to achieve - what is the problem you want to solve?

  • How do you get ready to tackle the issue - what do you need to prepare?

  • What might be holding you back - understanding the change process


Building on the Calm and Focus phase allows you to release your creativity, by moving through planning to action - you can create the following:

  • A mindful project, for example, a crafting project

  • Activities that will help you achieve personal goals

  • A range of tested potential solutions for solving your specific problem

  • A mindful approach to your daily activities

I run onsite workshops for small groups, typically six to eight participants at a time, which cover

  • an introduction to mindfulness

  • a short breathing meditation

  • an introduction to knitting

  • knitting materials and equipment to use during the workshop

  • support and guidance as participants make their first stitches and mindfully knitted work


For larger organisations I can tailor multiple workshops and on-site support