Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 11

109/02/2020 to 15/02/2020

This week I went into self isolation. Firstly, I had a stomach bug which meant I was at home anyway, and then developed a dry persistent cough. Catching up with the online advice, here in Wales you were to assume, if you had the symptoms, you had the virus. If you were healthy and able to cope and self isolate, please do so, without ringing 111 or going to get tested. There just aren't enough tests for everyone to have one, so they are being saved for key personnel who have to work with the public.

Although my job is in a key industry (electricity generation) I don't think my role in procurement qualifies me as a key worker! And we are luckily able to work from home. I find I prefer not to, to keep my work and home life separate, but these are unprecedented times.

So, here's wishing everyone stays well and healthy as we prepare for possible lockdowns, widespread isolations - my chief concern is that the over 70's may have to isolate for 12 weeks, my parents fall into this bracket and are up in Northern England, 250 miles away. Thank goodness for social media, making it easier to keep in touch with people further away. It can be a such a positive place, although I am concerned when I see all the rumours being disseminated, especially the panic buying going on. I was going through my store cupboard, mindful of avoiding the panic but trying to figure out if there were any essentials I did need, when I found 4 packets of miso soup paste that went out of date in 2018!

#09 - I never promised you a rose garden (crochet)

I have been making progress on joining together my hexagons. I'm using a single crochet edging with a tiny triangle of chain stitches between each hexagon corner. I was going to try a few different stitches for joining, a Celtic braid stitch looked interesting, worked in one of the cream wools, but in the end, I opted for the coloured edges, which brings a richness to the finished piece. I am using an Opal sock shade for it, pinks, oranges, purply browns and a pale lilac.

I did start out by sewing in the ends, and then joining, which felt very bitty. Neater but bitty! So after a couple of evenings, I decided to just join as many as I can, in the hope that it will decide me on a shawl (which I should have enough hexies for now) or a blanket (I'd be halfway to that!)

Procrastinating... my usual. Sewing in those ends is going to be a hell of a job, but I am sure it is going to be worth it - the top corner of the piece where I did make the effort looks clean and lovely.

#10 - Patchwork Knitting Needle roll (sewing)

I started feeling a bit better from my stomach bug on Wednesday, and pieced together some of my fabric stash, cut into 8.5cm squares in order to make a knitting needle roll. I'd planned it out in my head, denim to provide stiffness and robustness, and pretty printed cottons to make a functional object decorative. However, the amount of denim I used made the roll too bulky at the bottom, and it was hard to stich the front to the back. I missed catching all the layers in a couple of places, and the seam was a lot wonkier than I was happy with. I was disheartened. I put it aside for three days, and when I went back to it, I decided I could add boro style patches to make good the worst bits, and decorative stitching to hide the minor bloops. I was a lot happier with it once I'd added the chicken patches!

I then decided to make a few design tweaks. Denim on the outside nd inside, but using thinner cotton for the pockets rather than double thickness denim. Rather than use bias binding, I cut the inside piece smaller than the outer so I could better fold over the edge and machine sew it.

I have some buttons in mind, that match the feather fabric patch, I'm off to find them in the button tin!

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