Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 12

16/03/2020 to 22/03/2020

More self isolation this week, with today being my day 13. Which means tomorrow my 14 days are up. I am going to be celebrating by going to Tesco for a click and collect delivery in the evening. Or, as I mistyped to Mum, a cluck and collect. I quite fancy having a chicken - I think we are all fantasising about going back to basics, living off the land in these pandemic times. Obviously with added Netflix.

On a serious note, I do hope you are all keeping safe and healthy, and doing your best to stay mindful. I am taking advantage of the lack of a commute by fitting in some mindful movements and a morning meditation before breakfast. This thirty minutes or so often feels like an indulgence, but I notice that I am more tetchy, more inclined to catastrophise on the days I don't do it.

In other coronavirus news this week, also *went* to my first virtual yarn festival this week, run superbly by Sophie of Yorkshire Yarn Festival. It was a great way to discover new yarny businesses and support small independents in this time of uncertaintly. Not quite the same as squishing yarn, but I am definitely looking forward to the postmans visits this coming week.

#09 - I never promised you a rose garden (crochet)

I have carried on with joining my hexagons together, I have joined in row 5 to the finished piece (still no nearer deciding if this will be a triangular shawl or a blanket!) I have finally got into a rhythm for joining these - it needs to be strip by strip to minimise the number of ends I have to weave in, and to keep the rhythm going. I am also crocheting more of the "red" hexagons, as I was a bit light on these proportionally . I found my fingers automatically making single crochet movements instead of trebles, how easy it is to become automatic and mindless, even when concentrating on a craft. A gentle reminder not to let thoughts become habits...

#10 - Patchwork knitting needle rolls (sewing)

Having worked out a few design tweaks last week in the prototype, and having a long weekend (time off from working at home!); I decided I was going to make some more of these to display the beautiful buttons from Lindsay at The Border Tart. I love the combination of pretty printed cottons, and the rich indigo of denim, the beautiful feathers and sheen of organza ribbon. I am really pleased with these rolls, and will be putting them up in my webshop, as soon as I have it figured out! In the meantime, please do message me if you are interested in snagging one of these.

#11 - Patchwork needle case (sewing)

And finally, a quick *palate cleanser* project to use up some of the *leftover* patchwork squares. Also, it brings me up to 11 projects in 12 weeks, so I am starting to catch back up again! I have in mind a tiny knitting project that could get me to 12 if I can find the right sort of yarn in my stash...

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