Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 3

13/01/2020 to 19/01/2020

As I mentioned last week, I had a sketched idea for a new stitching project, I'd had something bubbling away in my brain for a while, since my weaving exploits on New Years Eve; and then Sewcialists came up with a Denim theme for the month of February - more below. As usual, with a new idea, I spend most of my attention on that, so the rest of my crafting barely got a look in!

#05 - Blues and twos (knitting)

Finished sock #1 and cast on sock #2 . This picture is me heading for the tos on the first sock. Are you impressed with how sock-like it looks? I am!

#06 - Hoy Hills (embroidery)

So, remember in week 1, when I did some weaving on my Grandad's loom, describing how I cut off the warp strings? They had been tied on that loom for around 25 years, and kept their shape, a double circle on a stalk. I found them beautiful, and wanted to somehow use them in a project to remember Grandad by.

I sketched out an idea for a wall hanging - a stylised view of the hills of Hoy from Warebeth beach, with a cow parsley umbel in the foreground. This view is an iconic Orcadian view, and a favourite of mine. We spent a lot of holidays in Orkney, growing up, and still have family there; and even though I don't go back that frequently, it has a strong pull on the heart.

To further personalise this, I decided I would use a collection of crewel wools Mum bought twenty-odd years ago too, when we both attempted needlework, inspired by bargello patterns in a needlework book on the shelf.

Then, Sewcialists announced their theme for February was Denim, which would form the backdrop for this embroidered piece, and I decided to start the project for real, signing up to write a blog about the piece. Very exciting!

The pictures above show the progress I have made in a week, from cutting out the fabric for the hills to embroidering the texture on them. You can see the warp strings placed on the fabric to get an impression of how they will look. I am going to love w

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