Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 Week 4

20/01/2020 to 26/01/2020

It's been another relatively slow crafting week, steady progress on my second pair of socks, and a new sewing project to get excited about. I visited Essen in Germany with work, which was interesting - I can't help compare my current company to my previous one, when I lived in Germany for 7 years. Different personalities and some interpersonal friction made this trip less comfortable than it could have been. I didn't even take a project away with me, knowing how little free time I usually get on business trips.

However, knitting group on Saturday mornings always improves my spirits, and this week we had chocolate cake!

#04 - Seaweed Shapes (knitting)

One more square completed, in the Storm Evie shade, a reversible rib pattern. If I manage a square a week I will have this done in time for summer!

#05 - Blues and twos (knitting)

Steady progress on sock #2 - I have made it past the heel flap and turn, and am just finishing off the gusset. I didn't know socks had gussets, I thought that was only knickers. The word brings to mind the UK comedy Coupling, and the character Jeffrey... Still enjoying the pattern and looking forward to finishing my second pair.

#06 - Hoy Hills (embroidery)

Onto the lower of the hills, chain stitch embroidering the undulations of the hill with a variegated single merino wool. It doesn't look realistic, and I can't decide if that really matters at the moment. I wanted to try out a different stitch pattern, and I did! The wool twisted an awful lot when using it for this stitch, and being merino, started to fluff up a lot too. Time will tell whether it's something I later go back to and "edit"

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