Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 6

03/02/2020 to 09/02/2020

I'm still all abuzz after my weaving workshop last week. Searching the internet for looms. Coming up with patterns in my head for all my precious skeins. I do need to put my practical head on though - weaving is not a craft that you can play at so easily, not with having to have a specific piece of equipment that you "go to" when you want to craft. Knitting, I can sit on the sofa and work at while watching tv, listening to music. Even at the sewing machine, I sometimes have the laptop on the table with something of minimal interest playing on Netflix or BBC iPlayer. There's a lot of downtime when you're sewing - pinning, tying knots, cutting, pressing...

Weaving looks like a full time rabbit hole, and one with a large financial outlay up front, so I need to think carefully about what I want to do. My magpie mind may be onto the next big thing and I don't want to buy a loom for it to gather dust... So what did I do? I picked up a crochet hook for the first time in 40 years and relearnt how to crochet!

Other news, my parents visited from the north of England, we went to see my workplace, which is being closed down now. My Dad worked in the same industry for 27 years so it was great for him to see one of the last coal fired power stations before it is decommissioned

#04 - Seaweed Shapes (knitting)

I knitted more on this than I have to show for, as frogging was the order of the day. I completed a nice diagonal rib stitch in the Shellsand shade, only to realise I had already done it in Seal Grey. Doh! I also frogged a second moss stitch square in Seal to reuse. However, I did complete a "net" effect square using YO to make lace holes, and a different sort of diagonal rib, a plain garter stitch one - no idea why I hadn't got one of those already! I felt like I was running short on a ball of Shellsand, so decided to add a colour variation in there too, and made a stripe with the darkest shade (Storm Evie). I think it worked quite well, and it does open the door for more colour experimentation!

#08 - Granny Stripe sampler (crochet)

Using an undyed Stellina yarn, and a Zauberball (the same one I took to weaving), I started out to hone my skills on a treble stitch granny stripe extravaganza! I thought the gradual fade of the Zauberball colours would look good against the cream, and I wanted to have a single row repeat per colour. I'm not fond of the toothed effect that you see when you have two rows of the same yarn in a granny stripe blanket. Being the proud possessor of only two crochet hooks, I had little choice in the size I picked for the sock yarn. The trebles are slightly loose so I assume that this is probably a bit large for the sock weight yarn, but I like that the resulting fabric is quite drapey. Definitely an interesting alternative to knitting, and it feels superfast too. This picture is from just one evening

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