Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 5

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

27/01/2020 to 02/02/2020

So, the main news this week was my much anticipated weaving workshop with Laura Thomas at Craft in the Bay. I loved it. I loved it. No really, I absolutely loved it! It was a perfect way for me to spend a Sunday - 6 hours of learning a new yarn related skill from an expert, in a small group. The workshop was very well designed, taking you through the basics at first, an gradually introducing more complex patterns before finally letting you loose to create whatever you fancied!

#06 - Hoy Hills (embroidery)

I started feeling anxious about this piece, or at least, the anxiousness in my life from my job spilled over into this piece. I mentioned already that it was part of an online challenge on the theme of denim, and also a project very dear to my heart. As I slowly stitched the beach edge in a yarn from Leila Thomson of Hoxa Tapestry Gallery - in the colour Warebeth Beach no less - I felt that I was not going to hit a deadline of mid February to have a finished article to show the world. I didn't want to duck out, but I also didn't want to rush this and not be happy with the finished result. Hard decisions, but I have put this piece down for a while, and hope to return to it at a later, less pressured date.

#07 - Teal fade cloth (weaving)

So the morning was spent getting to grips with the basics, and weaving up samples in different yarns, getting a feel for how the weft yarn worked with the warp, how tightly or loosely to pack the weft down; how to get the edges relatively neat! I had a peach coloured warp, which dominated the thin sock yarn I had chosen to work with. It wasn't until we started making patterns with the 4 shafts that I could even see much of the grassy green poke through. I then tried winding the yarn double with a lovely teal mohair, and this gave enough depth for the colours to be seen. From there, we progressed to herringbone patterns - such fun!

For my sampler piece, I wanted to stick with my Zauberball and the teal mohair, and use a plain pattern to show off the way the yarn changed colour, so I picked the weft rib pattern - like little bricks.

Did I mention that I loved this?

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