Mindful Magpie Makes: 2020 week 9

24/02/2020 to 01/03/2020

A quiet week crafting wise, travelling to Scotland for work for three days. I did of course pack the crochet, and was able to work on it intermittently. I was staying in a Premier Inn, and they just don't have armchairs in their rooms, and their sofa is usually backless, a pullout bed with a roll of cushion on it. I find it hard to get comfortable and crochet in bed, and I ended up doing most of my crochet this week in the Brewdog bar in the airport, and at my usual knitting group at the wonderful local yarn shop Yarn n Yarns.

Another weekend of torrential rain, with traffic chaos in Cardiff for the Friday home time rush, train lines flooded and roads gridlocked. The usual route out of my workplace was underwater, but a short detour was possible to get back to the main road. So many people affected in Wales and Yorkshire. It feels selfish at times, to just keep crafting and carry on in the face of other's suffering. I went along to a volunteer day, run by the big hearted Helen and Pierre at The Well-Bean Cafe; joining up to volunteer with them again. Doing what I can to give something back, this is a social enterprise with a focus on metal wellbeing, healthy eating and helping with social isolation.

#09 - I never promised you a rose garden (crochet)

Lots more hexies! I am finding the endless combinations of yarns in the "rose" to be addictive, and I haven't picked up any knitting this week at all. I do love the speed at which I can produce a hexagon, crocheting certainly seems to be faster than my usual craft. Perhaps because I am just leaving the ends hanging in my desire to get to the next colour combination!

I decided to add in a few hexagons in "red", adding a contrast to the cream edged roses. They add a richness to the pattern, I think, Time to do some calculations - how many of each do I need to make to get a decent sized blanket?

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