Mindful Magpies Makes: 2020 Week 24

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Even the least eagle-eyed reader will have noticed there has been a bit of a gap in the blog! The global pandemic has been affecting everyone around the world throughout April and May - I have been working from home full time, and I know I am very lucky hat I can do that. I have only minor health issues, and all of my family and friends are also safe from the virus so far.

Mentally, I started off the lockdown strong, waking at the usual time, taking time to meditate, stretch and journal first thing in the morning in what would have been commuting time. It has tailed off over the weeks. I live alone, and apart from occasionally bumping into a friend when out for a walk, I've rarely seen anyone I know to speak to. The lockdown restrictions were slightly eased a couple of weeks ago, and I was aware of mild agoraphobia, not really sure I wanted to leave the house more, even if I was allowed to.

My garden has been a blessing through this time - the supermarket and online stores had seeds, so I tried growing plants from scratch - I can now report that my mangetout plants are nearly 3 feet high and I harvested my first crop yesterday!

I have continued making - I have finished the Isolation Shawl by Charlie Buttons, the Wine in the Garden shawl by Alina Appasova and my own Honeycomb Jewel design (well, all bar sewing in the ends for that one!) I lost my knitting mojo for a few weeks, but regained in during the @theknittearetreat virtual retreat this weekend. I finished a pair of socks I started in January, knit two more squares (~9" square) of my Seaweed shapes blanket, and started a shallow crescent lacy shawl that shows off some gorgeous "No Rainbows without Rain" yarn.

My main focus over the past few weeks has been sewing - I made several new bags in the Japanese Knot Bag style. I couldn't find a pattern with pockets, so I adapted the basic shape and made a hidden pocket between the two layers of the bag, so that the pocket works with the fully reversible design. Then I had great fun matching fabrics to create beautiful combinations of patterns! As well as the picture above, you'll see some of these over in the shop.

I am debating sewing masks, as Wales's next review for lockdown rules is coming up this week. I am likely to only do this for friends, as I don't want to sell something non-medical that people may believe gives them better protection than it does. I am a bit confused about the hygiene issues (and admit I may be overthinking!) - will people remove & wash them at the right frequency? Is it actually worse for people if they only have one mask and don't wash it regularly compared to wearing no mask? I looked at the litter left behind on beaches when restrictions eased in England and thought, this shows that the human race can't be trusted to do the right thing.

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